Incontinence & Toilet Aids


Incontinence can be a difficult and embarrassing problem for many people however it may be a comfort to know that you are not alone. Up to 6 million people worldwide suffer from some type of incontinence.

With the right information and support and using the right incontinence pads, incontinence pants, incontinence aids and other incontinence products designed to meet your own specific needs for both men and women you can take active steps to manage your incontinence effectively.

Insert Pads

We have a range of incontinence products both disposable and washable. Our disposable incontinence products range includes all in one briefs, pull up pants and insert pads and stretch pants. Our washable incontinence products range includes washable pants and briefs. In addition we have a range of bed and chair incontinence products along with some useful incontinence accessories.

Toilet Frame

Toileting Aids are designed for those with mobility difficulties, to help them manage their toileting needs independently, and without the need for expensive home renovations.  Here at More Than Mobility we have below a wide range of toileting aids including commodes, handheld urinals, raised toilet seats, washable bed sheets, toilet frames, drop-down safety rails, and a whole lot more.



Commodes are some of the most popular disabled toilet aids that we have in stock here at More Than Mobility. Commodes are the ideal solution for those who find it difficult to reach their bathrooms; perhaps their bathroom is upstairs and they have difficulty navigating the stair case. A commode chair comes in a range of styles, from basic economy commodes, to more stylish, upholstered commodes that blend seamlessly in with your room’s décor.

For those who can still make it to their bathrooms, but perhaps have difficulty getting on and off the toilet, More Than Mobility also has a selection of raised toilet seats and safety rails that make using the toilet easy for those with mobility issues.

Visit our store and let us guide you through selecting the right toileting aids and incontinence products for you!  If you want we can even set up a regular monthly delivery direct to your home so you never have to run out!