5 Steps to Better Hearing

Below are a list of steps we recommend you follow when wanting to better your hearing.

1) About a Hearing Loss

A hearing loss develops very gradually over a long period of time.  So it is no wonder that it takes an average of around 5 to 7 years before it is recognised and dealt with.  There is always a period of resistance to try to cope as long as possible without any help by using hearing aids.   The resistance is due to several factors e.g. I cannot afford to spend money on hearing aids; it’s not me it’s YOU who mumbles; people don’t speak properly nowadays.

2) Be positive when seeking advice

If a solution is to be found in the form of hearing aids, it will depend solely on the attitude of the person looking for help.  “You can lead a horse to water……”.  What this means is that it is in the users hands as to whether hearing aids will be a success and which is why positive support from the family is vital.   If the problem is not thought to be that bad, then the motivation to correct the issues will be low.  A good hearing aid dispenser will be patient and explain what the hearing loss means and how to deal with it.

3) Understand and learn about hearing loss

The best remedy for a hearing loss is education.  It is important to understand the problem so that the first steps to better hearing is taken confidently.

4) Have realistic expectations

Whilst the hearing aid technology has never been better don’t expect to hear again like you once did with normal hearing.  Just like a walking stick helps to aid better mobility; hearing aids will give the necessary assistance for better hearing.

5) Practice and be patient

The patient journey to better hearing is not always as instant as we would like.   The brain will have been starved of information over a long period of time and will require a process of rehabilitation to acclimatise.   Sometimes it can take up to 6 months where there has been a serious deprivation of sounds to the brain.  Don’t be tempted to wear the aids when you only think you need to wear them as this prevents the benefit of better hearing.

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