Daily Living Aids

More Than Mobility stock a wide range of Daily Living Aids in store.   These Daily Living Aids can make a difference to everyday life by helping with the little things that can reduce the niggles that we all feel when what used to be easy is now much more of a hassle.  

From walking sticks, overbed tables, pill boxes, sock pullers, raised toilet seats, grippers/reachers to swivel pads to pop into the car for easy getting in and out – we actually source hundreds of items.

Here are some of our favourites:-

Swivel Car Seat

  • Elephant Feet – brings the chair up to you by raising the level of the furniture.  Great to help you getting out of your favourite armchair.
  • Cane/Crutch Holder – solves the irritation of picking up walking sticks off the floor or making sure no one trips over your cane.
  • Elastic Shoe Lasers – transforms difficult lace ups into pull ont shoes but still with lace up style.
  • Buckingham Cool-Hand – simple handle to make carrying hot plates easy, ideal for customers with arthritis or limited hand dexterity.
  • Ezee Plug Puller – makes removing plugs from sockets easy.



You will be amazed at our range so come and visit our store and let us guide you through selecting the right products for you!